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What services are provided for those over the age of 18 at the Cecil County Health Department Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center?

The Cecil County Health Department offers traditional outpatient services for those 18 years and older. Traditional outpatient treatment services consist of completing an evaluation and enrolling in one of the group sessions that are offered. We have traditional adult treatment groups Monday through Thursday at various times throughout the week. We also offer an aftercare program for those individuals that have completed an inpatient treatment facility. For those clients that are assessed at their evaluation or during the course of treatment as needing more intensive treatment are referred to the appropriate level of care. If a client presents him/herself as in need of other community services, referral to those services are provided as well.

What services are provided for incarcerated individuals?

Those individuals on the lock-up side of the detention center have access to treatment and aftercare services through the ARC and ARCA programs. Maximum tier inmates receive treatment in the MARC group. In addition, the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center conducts evaluations mandated by the courts through DHMH. CARC, or work release, also has treatment and aftercare services embodied in the CAP and CAPA programs. CARCADE is a drug and alcohol education program for inmates who either do not meet criteria for admission to CAP, whose work schedule conflicts with the group time, or who do not wish to attend group. We work with all jail clients in attempting to provide continuing care treatment services.

How will my fee be determined?

The cost for services at The Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center is based on an ability to Pay Schedule determined by your gross annual income and the number of family members residing in the household. A fee reduction will be considered when special circumstances exist, such as outstanding medical bills or court ordered child support for children that do not reside in your immediate household. No one will be denied service due to inability to pay.