Cecil County Health Department Harmony program is multi-faceted care for those suffering from substance use disorders.

Our services include:

  • Provides peer support
  • Safer use supplies and syringes
  • Syringe disposal
  • A nurse for wound care nurse for
  • HIV and Hep C Testing with care navigation
  • Overdose Prevention
  • Education and Naloxone
  • Home Visits
  • Treatment Referrals

Harmony program delivery days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Same-day delivery is still is available, provided the participant calls in the request before 11 a.m. on delivery days.

Please call (443) 907-0112 to schedule an appointment. Peer Support, including referral to treatment and other services, continues to be available. Please call (410) 996-5106 to speak to a Peer.

The Harm Reduction Program Coordinator Work: (443) 245-3917 | Cell: (443) 907-0112 Email: [email protected]