Developmental Disabilities
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“Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call
out our courage and strength.”  Unknown

Developmental Disabilities Program
Coordination of Community Services

The Developmental Disabilities Program assists individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families in learning and gaining access to resources in their community, planning for their future, accessing needed services and supports, and ensuring the needs of the individuals and families are met.

We promote planned and delivered services that encourage self-sufficiency, health, safety, and real community participation, and the individual’s desired quality of life.

Developmental Disabilities Services provides the following services:
  • Assessments regarding a person’s eligibility for DDA services.
  • Case management services to eligible individuals (children and adults) with developmental disabilities.
Our Mission to Individuals

That people with developmental disabilities direct their lives and have viable support options and  information to make decisions in the following essential focus areas for
community living:

  • Self-determination
  • Self-advocacy
  • Supporting families
  • Fulfilling employment
  • Independent Supported Living
How to Apply

To determine whether a person is eligible for services, the person or someone acting on their behalf must complete an application for DDA services.

The DDA Application for Services can be downloaded here, emailed or mailed to you, or you can pick one up from our office by calling 410-996-5140. Drop off the application and records to our office, email the application/records to us, fax them to our office, or Mail them to:

The DDA Eastern Shore Regional Office, ATTENTION:
Eligibility and Access Unit, 926 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD 21804.

If you are interested in applying or need additional information, please contact Megan Rhodes, Office Clerk, at 410-996-5140, [email protected].

DDA Eligibility Application Process
  1. Submit Application and Documents to DDA
  2. DDA Regional Office assigns a Case Management (CCS) Agency to Complete an Assessment.
  3. Case Manager conducts a face-to-face interview and records review and requests additional records if applicable.
  4. The case Manager completes an assessment and provides recommendations and justifications of eligibility and supporting records and documents.
  5. DDA Regional Office reviews Assessments and Applications.
  6. DDA Regional makes the final determination and notifies the individual/caregiver.
Provider Agencies
Abilities Network
Serving Harford and Cecil Counties
P.O. Box 170, Bel Air, MD 21014
Phone: (410) 272-3712 x 1400
The ARC Northern Chesapeake Region
Aberdeen, MD
Phone: (410) 836-7177
Fax: 410-893-3909
Bayside Community Network, Inc.
Elkton, MD
Phone: (410) 398-6394
Fax: 410-398-0255
Chesapeake Care Resources, Inc.
North East, MD
Phone: (410) 398-9325
Fax: 410-287-5049
United Needs and Abilities
Salisbury, MD
Phone: (410) 620-2684
Fax: 410-543-0432
Shorehaven, Inc.
Elkton, MD
Phone: (410) 398-9850
Fax: 410-885-5557
How to Contact Us:

Wendy Richardson, Program Manager

[email protected]

443-245-3898 Direct Line

443-945-8162 Work Cell

Megan Rhodes, Office Clerk

[email protected]

443-996-5140 Direct Line

Tracy Slavin, Case Manager/CCS

[email protected]

443-245-3842 Direct Line

443-945-3797 Work Cell

Amber Gedeon, Case Manager/CCS

[email protected]

443-245-3846 Direct Line

443-945-5374 Work Cell

Melissa Milner, Case Manager/CCS

[email protected]

443-245-3839 Direct Line

443-945-8154 Work Cell

Robert Columbia Case Manager/CCS

[email protected]

443-245-3848 Direct Line

443-206-4305 Work Cell

Mary Stacie Harris, Case Manager/CCS

[email protected]

443-245-3845 Direct Line

443-206-2271 Work Cell

Kathyann Wilson-Beauford, Case Manager/CCS

[email protected]

443-245-3798 Direct Line

443-206-2548 Work Cell