Prevention Services

Cecil County Health Department (CCHD) offers comprehensive prevention services including but not limited to the following:  alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and prescription drugs use prevention education and the coordination of the Drug Free Cecil Coalition (DFCC). CCHD houses DFCC within the Division of Health Promotions.

What is Prevention? Prevention is a process that seeks to influence local conditions to promote well-being within the local community. Prevention Services utilizes the Community-Based model of the Drug Free Communities (DFC) for mobilization and the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) for planning.

What is Drug Free Cecil?   DFC is a network of local coalitions collaborating and partnering to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth and eliminate duplication of efforts in Cecil County. The coalitions’ purpose is to support a youth-led, adult-guided movement to reduce substance abuse in Cecil County.

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What coalitions does DFC include? Currently, the DFC network consists of the following coalitions: Drug Free Communities Coalition (DFCC), Opioid Misuse Prevention Project (OMPP), Youth Empowerment Source Coalition (YES), Opioid Intervention Team (OIT), Tobacco Task Force (TTF), and Drug Free Cecil Youth Coalition (DFCYC). These coalitions collaborate to support the efforts of our youth to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth in Cecil County, Maryland. DFCYC is a group of youth leaders from all the county high schools who are passionate about their schools and desire to make a difference in their communities. The DFCYC is the purpose of the DFC’s efforts.

Prevention Services plans, manages and promotes the seven strategies to affect community change and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s (CSAP) six strategies to reduce substance misuse among youth that include but are not limited to: tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

The Healthy Lifestyles Assistance Program also offers transportation services. Details for this program can be found here.

Graph of Prevention Services.