Ed Arellano, Director

(410) 996-5160

The Environmental Health Division enforces state regulations, conducts inspections, and issues licenses and permits. Services include soil testing for septic systems, well permits, community water supply and sewage systems surveillance, food services inspections; rabies vaccination clinics and control activities; inspection of bathing beaches, swimming pools, public camps, and mobile home parks; issuing burning permits, and nuisance investigations.


  • Food Control
    • Food facility inspection and plan review
    • Outbreak investigation
  • Community and Recreational Sanitation
  • Community water supplies
      • Swimming pools
      • Bathing beaches
      • Health care facilities
      • Family daycare and foster homes
      • Mobile home parks
      • Public camps
      • Nuisance investigation
  • Rabies Control
  • Air Quality
    • Open Burning Permits

The following services are now under the jurisdiction of Cecil County Government’s Division of Water & Sewer Planning is a division of the Department of Land Use and Development Services. Visit here for more information or call 410-996-5230.

  • On-site Water and Sewerage
    • Soil evaluations and perc tests
    • Sanitary permit processing
    • Well permits
    • Water sampling
    • Subdivision Development
      • Soil evaluations and perc tests
      • Consultation and plat review