Air Quality Alert

Our area is currently under a Code Red alert due to poor air quality. The situation has escalated, and the air quality has reached hazardous levels. Taking precautions to protect your health is crucial if you need to be outside.

If you must venture outdoors, wearing a mask is highly recommended. Opt for a KN95 or N95 mask, which provides better filtration than surgical masks. If driving, please turn on your vehicle’s air conditioner and use the recycle air option. Remember, keeping your windows closed at home and in your car is essential.

For increased road safety, kindly remember to use your headlights while driving today. We want everyone to stay visible and ensure a safe commute. Moreover, please avoid exposing your pets to the outside environment for extended periods.

The smoke conditions are expected to intensify during the morning, but there’s some hope for improvement in the afternoon. The latest prediction suggests that Saturday will bring much better air quality, so let’s hold onto that positive news.

Stay safe, stay indoors if possible, and prioritize your well-being. We’ll continue to keep you updated on any changes in the situation. Let’s unite as a community and support each other during this challenging time. 💪🏼 #AirQualityAlert #CodeRedUpdate