Mom-To-Be Group Seeks New Members

Are you expecting a baby, looking for support, have questions, and need someone to talk to?

Join us for our Mom-To-Be Group Organized by the Cecil County Health Department and the Heritage Pregnancy & Family Health Center.

The group meets every Tuesday 6-7 p.m. at the Heritage Pregnancy & Family Health Center, 303 East Main St. Rising Sun, Md 21911

To register call 410-996-5168 ext. 3908 or scan QR Code on the flyer

This program is an outreach to help prevent fetal, infant, & child deaths in our community through education, nutrition, social, and emotional support. Participants learn about fetal & child development, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, newborn care, warning signs during pregnancy from potential complications, and many other topics.

Meetings will consist of educational discussion time followed by a time of networking/social support through open, free discussions and the building of trust and friendships within the group. Our facilitators are available to answer any questions and to help connect to any needed resources available in the community.