Rabid Cat Found in Granite Ave Area of Port Deposit

The Cecil County Health Department reports that a cat collected by Cecil County Animal Services on Monday, June 26th has tested positive for rabies.

The stray cat was collected near a residence in the Town of Port Deposit after the cat attacked at least two separate individuals. This cat was described as a medium sized black and orange calico.

This is the third confirmed rabid animal this year. In March, a raccoon from the North East area tested positive for rabies and, in April, a fox from the Rising Sun area tested positive. The Cecil County Health Department submits animals to the Maryland State Laboratory for rabies testing when citizens are exposed to wild animals or domestic animals that cannot be held for quarantine.

Rabies is a fatal disease in both humans and animals. Incidents such as this reinforce that rabies is present in Cecil County and stray animals can be dangerous. Cats pose a more significant risk of contracting rabies than dogs because they cover large areas when hunting and are more likely to have an encounter with a rabid wild animal that goes unnoticed.

The best protection against rabies is to keep all pets vaccinated against the disease and to avoid contact with wild and stray animals. Anyone bitten or scratched by an animal should contact their family physician or hospital emergency room for medical attention and for initiation of proper follow-up procedures, if necessary.

If anyone feels that they may have been exposed to this cat in the 10 days prior to Monday, June 26, they should contact their physician or the Cecil County Health Department Communicable Disease Program at 410-996-5100.

For more information, contact Angela Scramlin, Environmental Health Services Division at 410-996-5160 or [email protected].