Suspicious Squirrel Attacks in the Colora Area

The Cecil County Health Department recently received reports of two unprovoked squirrel attacks in the Colora area. The nature of these attacks is suspect for rabies. In general, squirrels represent a very low risk of rabies transmission. However, due to the nature of these attacks, caution is advised.

Rabies is a fatal disease in both humans and animals. Incidents such as this reinforce that rabies is present in Cecil County and that both stray and wild animals can be dangerous. The best protection against rabies is to keep all pets vaccinated against the disease and avoid contact with wild and stray animals. Anyone bitten or scratched by an animal should contact their family physician or hospital emergency room for medical attention and for initiation
of proper follow-up procedures, if necessary.

Anyone exposed to this squirrel should contact their physician or the Cecil County Health Department Communicable Disease Program at 410-996-5130.